About Us

Chilli Seed Bank is a wholly Australian owned business, operating from the Blue Mountains in NSW. What started as a small hobby business 10 years ago, has grown into the largest online supplier of chilli seeds in Australia.

Once growing a small variety of chillies in a single greenhouse in a suburban backyard, Chilli Seed Bank now has multiple farms across Australia. Each year we harvest tonnes of chillies, ranging from mild through to super hot. Our customer base has expanded from backyard growers to now include international chilli enthusiasts and large Australian corporations – Chilli Seed Bank’s chillies have even appeared in Australian supermarkets.

Our success lies in our unique deseeding process, that delivers quick and near perfect germination rates. Using custom made equipment developed by and for Chilli Seed Bank, our deseeding method equates to less fuss for our customers, eliminating the need for pesky tasks like pre-soaking seeds.

To help our customers achieve optimum germination rates, we also offer an extensive grower’s shop. Every product sold in our grower’s shop is a product we’ve used when germinating and growing chilli plants, with remarkable success. We endeavour to accommodate the needs of every type of chilli grower – whether wanting to grow small quantities for personal use, or larger quantities for commercial purposes, Chilli Seed Bank is committed to making it a success.

Whilst our main business is and always will be chilli seeds, we also sell a range of chilli products, including chilli sauces, powders, purees, pods and snacks. As well as offering our own range of chilli products, we also endeavour to support other businesses who share our passion for chilli, offering products from both boutique Australian providers and internationally recognised brands.

At Chilli Seed Bank we are committed to our customers, and make ourselves accessible with email, telephone and social media support.

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