Aji Panca

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The Aji Panca is a truly intriguing chilli and the second most popular chilli used in Peruvian cuisine. It is very mild at just 500-1000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU), and has a very unique and complex flavour profile, smoky but fruity in flavour, with some thinking it tastes like blueberries.

It is generally dried and powdered, or turned into a paste, but can also be used in its raw state.
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Package Size: 1 Pack (20-30 Seeds)
Germination Rate: 95%
Germination Time: 7 - 21 Days
Origin: Peru
Species: Capsicum Baccatum
SHU: 1000
Heat Level: Mild Heat
Sowing Method: Raise SeedlingsRaise Seedlings
Sowing Depth: 5mm
Position: Full SunFull Sun
Plant Life Cycle: AnnualAnnual
Frost Hardiness: Frost TenderFrost Tender
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