PH EC Control

pH level is an important factor that affects  the health and growth rate of the plants especially when they are grown in a hydroponic system. Plants pH control is a vital function that must be done on a consistent basis if you want to get success in chilli plant cultivation using hydroponics. Plants EC control is also an essential function and for this we have many good products that will give you a better control over your chilli farming.

We have many good gadgets for effective pH control and soil/ water temperature control equipments and systems. All our pH control systems are sourced from some of the best manufacturers backed by the latest technology. They are designed to give long life with accurate results so that you are able to become successful in growing your chilli plants on soil or in a hydroponic system.

 There are also pH probe and Conductivity probe care units, EC meters, pH probe calibration solutions and storage solutions.

Our Plants PH control, Plants EC control devices are a necessary part of your chilli farming and they really help you become a successful chilli farmer.

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  1. Hygen pH Down 1L

    Adjust the pH of your nutrient tank using pH Up and Down.

    pH instruments must be cleaned and calibrated at least monthly to ensure accuracy. Calibrate your BlueLab pH instruments with pH 7.0 first, then pH 4.0.
  3. pH Probe KCI Storage Solution

    Letting pH probes dry out between uses is a sure-fire way to shorten the lifespan of your pH probes and pens. Store your pens in this solution for optimum lifespan.
  4. pH 7.0 Calibration Solution

    Calibrate your BlueLab pH instruments using 7.0 and 4.0 Calibration solutions to ensure ongoing accuracy.
  5. BlueLab Truncheon Nutrient Meter

    Considered the best EC meter on the market, the BlueLab Truncheon Meter easily checks the conductivity of your plant food/nutrient.
  6. BlueLab pH and conductivity probe care

    If you own a BlueLab meter, monitor or controller, you need to take good care of it - with this kit!
  7. BlueLab combo meter

    A portable battery operated meter that measures pH, conductivity and temperature. Regarded as the Cadillac of meters!
  8. BlueLab Replacement pH Probe

    A replacement pH probe that fits the BlueLab Combo Meter.
  9. BlueLab soil pH pen and thermometer

    Easily check the pH and temperature of your growing medium and feeding solutions with this BlueLab soil pH pen.
  10. BlueLab pH pen

    A must-have for all hydroponic growers, checking the pH and temperature of your growing solution is made easy with this BlueLab pH pen.
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