Habanero Chocolate

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Most chilliheads would agree that the Habanero is the undisputed 'King of all the Chilli' species. The Chocolate Habanero has the characteristic fruity flavour, but at 425,000 to 577,000 Scoville Heat Units, the Chocolate Habanero is the hottest of the Habanero family. It also has an earthy and smoky undertone, not offered by other Habanero varieties. The Chocolate Habanero ripens from green to deep brown. Its skin is thin and waxy with some wrinkling. Their pods have a distinctive lantern-like shape.

The Chocolate Habanero can be more difficult to germinate than other habanero varieties, but is well worth the effort. Sometimes called the Congo Black.

Warning: extremely hot ~ caution this chilli will not discriminate; Under no circumstances should one of these chillies be left with an unwitting person, especially a child.
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Package Size: N/A
Germination Rate: 95%
Germination Time: 7 - 21 Days
Origin: Amazonas
Species: Capsicum Chinense
SHU: 500000
Heat Level: Super Hot
Sowing Method: Raise SeedlingsRaise Seedlings
Sowing Depth: 5mm
Position: Full SunFull Sun
Plant Life Cycle: AnnualAnnual
Frost Hardiness: Frost TenderFrost Tender
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